"I believe that from the very beginnings of these new technologies, they should be designed and created to solve the problems of the people. Through Quantum Mind, I am trying to use the beginnings of quantum computing to solve world hunger."

- Richard Wang   


Badminton Journey

Ever since I was young, I had always enjoyed playing badminton. I had to take 3 hours of commute to get badminton training a couple of times a week since I was 9 years old. Through this obstacle, I was able to persevere, and become an expert in badminton. I travel to compete in about 8 tournaments per year and maintain a top 20 national ranking (ranging from #5 to #16) for 7 years. Due to these tournaments, I am quite used to the high pressure, and am able to perform well even while under non-optimal situations. Badminton is a tough sport that requires you to be focused and quick at all times, always pushing forwards with momentum. I believe that my success in badminton is a good experience that I can apply in the Quantum Mind project.

Richard Wang playing badminton at national tournaments


Blockchain for Social Impact Project

Quantum Mind is not the first technological food-related project I have done before. In the summer of 2019, I did a blockchain project in which we tried to use a blockchain to collect food from donors, and send them to food banks and veterans. I led the youth group of 15 student volunteers and organized 11 events including online educational webinars, planning meetings, food drive and delivery (https://bcprinceton.com/youth-group). During the project, I learned how to be a leader, execute on concepts and plans, and deliver results that make a real impact. The Blockchain Summer Project taught me that I do enjoy learning about new technology and solving food issues in the process.

Planing meeting


Educational meeting

Collecting the donations


Preparing the giving bags

Delivering donations to a food bank and veterans


100 giving bags




Quantum Mind Project

After the Blockchain Summer Project, I got more interested in and experienced with food and technology-based projects. Based on my research, I realized that a lot of small-scale producers around the world do not have access to knowledge that will improve their farming techniques. They do not produce enough to support their communities. This was the inspiration for Quantum Mind, and we hope that by using the most innovative technologies like self learning, quantum computing, satellite, predictive modeling and agricultural research, we can help these small-scale producers quickly increase their crop yields in order to better feed the world.

Richard Wang talking about Quantum Mind



Join us. Together, we can end world hunger!