Quantum Mind (QM) is a self learning, open science website platform and satellite quantum system for farmers collaborating to solve food issues.  


Quantum Mind tackles the challenge of world hunger on a global scale.

Quantum Mind (QM) has 2 components: Quantum Mind Space (QMS) and Quantum Mind Earth (QME).

Quantum Mind Architecture

Quantum Mind Space (QMS) is a satellite infused with a quantum computer that will collect real-time environmental data, such as weather patterns, water management, and plant needs.

Quantum Mind Earth (QME), being built now, collates data, open science agricultural research done by agricultural researchers, and self-learns, creating original and optimized agricultural solutions using predictive modeling. The effective solutions are stored in the solution database to be reused for similar problems in the future. QME will relay the solutions to the farmers through its self-learning website platform, allowing them to increase their crop yields. The website will go live now, then upgrade into quantum mode when the technology is available to us.

This way, farmers will have access to knowledge and a designed path to take during environmental changes. Quantum Mind and quantum computing make positive agricultural changes immediately.



Join us. Together, we can end world hunger!